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Year Month Day Journal Club Progress Report
2018 January 17 S. Bleicken
"Stabilizing the Pro-Apoptotic BimBH3 Helix (BimSAHB) Does Not
Necessarily Enhance Affinity or Biological Activity", ACS Chem. Biol., 2013.
24 M. Teucher
31 T. Assafa
February 07 M. Teucher
"Perspectives of shaped pulses for EPR spectroscopy", J. Magn. Res., 2017.
16 T. Assafa
21 M.H. Timachi
28 S. Bleicken
March 07 M.H. Timachi
2017 April 24 T. Assafa
"Evidence for an Induced-Fit Process Underlying the Activation od Apoptotic
BAX by an Intrinsically Disordered BimBH3 Peptide", J. Phys. Chem. B,
M.H. Timachi
May 02 T. Gakombe
"CD spectroscopy for protein structural analysis"
09 M. Teucher
"A Bayesian approach to quantifying uncertainty from experimental noise in
DEER spectroscopy", J. Magn. Reson., 2016.
T. Assafa
15 S. Bleicken
"Mechanistic differences in the membrane activity of Bax and Bcl-xL
correlate with their opposing roles in apoptosis", Biophys. J., 2013.
S. Nandi
22 L. Galazzo
"Energy transduction and alternating access of the
mammalian ABC transporter P-glycoprotein", Nature, 2017.
M. Teucher
29 M.H. Timachi
"Active cancellation – A means to zero dead-time pulse EPR", J. Magn.
Reson., 2015.
S. Bleicken
June 12 S. Nandi
"The BH3 mimetic ABT-737 targets selective Bcl-2 proteins and
efficiently induces apoptosis via Bak/Bax if Mcl-1 is neutralized", Cancer Cell,
Zamira Fetahaj/
Laura Galazzo
19 E. Bordignon
"Reliable nanometre-range distance distributions from 5-pulse double
electron electron resonance", PCCP, 2017.
M.H. Timachi
26 T. Assafa
"Oncogenic mutations differentially affect Bax monomer, dimer, and
oligomeric pore formation in the membrane", Sci. Rep., 2016.
T. Gakombe
July 03 M. Teucher
"Separation of intra-and intermolecular contributions to the PELDOR signal",
J. Magn. Reson., 2016.
T. Assafa
10 S. Nandi
17 S. Bleicken
"BAK α6 permits activation by BH3-only proteins and homooligomerization
via the canonical hydrophobic groove", PNAS, 2017.
M. Teucher
November 08 L. Galazzo
"Using rapid-scan EPR to improve the detection limit of quantitative EPR
by more than one order of magnitude", J. Magn. Reson., 2017.
M.H. Timachi