PhD students

Judith Brinkmann

Judith Brinkmann M.A.



2014-2020: Academic Education in History and History of Arts
2020: Master of Arts, title of the master thesis: Lanzmann‘s Shoa and Spielberg‘s Schindler‘s List as discursive events. Speaking about the Holocaust in context of its medialization.
Currently: PhD student at the Institute for Diaspora Studies and Genocide Research

Research Interests:
• Genocide Research
• Culture of Remembrance
• Collective Violence
• History of Discourse and Discourse Analysis
• Interdisciplinary Visual Science

Research project:
"Iconographies of genocidal violence. Pictures, media and perpetuations by the example of Armenian genocide"

In speaking of Armenian genocide specific speech patterns and rules were established. But visual representations were also spread into the Western world. In the course of the work of humanitarian organizations and missionaries, that consciously used photographs of misery and violence to collect donations, but also in context of the work of diplomats and journalists photographs were taken which visualize the violence and victims. These photographs were distributed, inter alia, via the international press. Analogous to the speech patterns, recurring image patterns and iconographic homologies developed which had a huge impact on how the Armenian Genocide was perceived and spoken about. The research project will focus on these image patterns which were already established during the genocide. Furthermore it will focus on the reproductions and perpetuations of the images after the end of First World War. The developing iconography of the Armenian genocide was largely excluded from the historical research on the genocide so far. Accordingly, there is no comprehensive study of the topic from this particular perspective. This research gap shall be closed by focusing on the potency of images of genocidal violence disseminated by the mass media.

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